Article 3000 kit




This article is the Rolls Royce of the black current series and combines articles 2000 and 1000.

All materials and auxiliary items necessary to manufacture the titanium dioxide photo electrodes are available. Prefabricated titanium dioxide photo electrodes (article 001) complete the article 3000 kit. In total 12 solar cells can be manufactured, assembled and electrically connected. Manufacturing can be performed by as few as one person to as many as twelve as the manufacturing  steps can be divided into several phases. For sintering (baking) of the titanium dioxide photo electrodes a stove including fuel is included. Instead of the stove a simple clay oven can be used. The temperature of the oven should be 450 º C. A multimeter to measure voltage, current and electrical resistance is also included. The kit is completed with a calculator and a sound chip to demonstrate the functioning of the manufactured solar cells. In the full colour manual included the following issues are addressed: Overview of contentsPreparation and manufacturing of the solar cellsSpreading the titaniumdioxide solutionMeasurement of the solar cellsUse of the solar cells in combination with a calculator and a sound chipExperiments with different dyesRecycling of the solar cells to conduct further experiments Article 3000 contains:1 x Safety goggles 1 x Screw driver set 1 x Sound chip (art. 019) 1 x Pocket calculator 1 x Set of 10 crocodile clip cables 1 x Electrolyte (art. 016) 1 x Paper clips 1 x Petridish 1 x Hybiscus dye/pigment staining material (art. 013) 1 x Pencil 1 x Wire gauze 1 x Stove fuel 1 x Stove 1 x Pipette 1 x Microscope slide glass 1 x Tape (Scotch 3M) 1 x Titanium dioxide solution (art. 004) to coat art. 002 1 x Multimeter including measurement probes 1 x 12 conductive glass electrodes (art. 002) 1 x 6 photoelectrodes and 6 counterelectrodes (art. 001).

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Weight 2.5 kg