Article 2000 kit




The main ingredient of this kit is the set of prefabricated titanium dioxide photo electrodes (article 001). Due to the prefabrication sintering (baking) in an oven of the electrodes is not necessary.

With this kit manufacturing and assembly of the solar cells can be carried out quickly in order to be used for demonstration sessions, e.g. for teaching purposes, and when given as a present. Manufacturing can be performed by as few as one person to as many as twelve as the manufacturing steps can be divided into several phases. The kit is completed with a multimeter, calculator and a sound chip to demonstrate the functioning of the manufactured solar cells. In the full colour manual included the following issues are addressed: Overview of contentsPreparation and building of solar cellsMeasurement of the solar cellsApplication of the solar cells in combination with a calculator or a soundchipExperiments with different dyesRecycling of the solar cells for new experimentsArticle 2000 contains the following components:1 x Safety goggles 1 x Screw driver set 1 x Sound chip (art. 019) 1 x Pocket calculator 1 x Set of 10 crocodile clip cables 1 x Electrolyte (art. 016) 1 x Petridish 1 x Hybiscus dye/pigment staining material (art. 013) 1 x Pencil 1 x Multimeter including measurement probes 1 x 6 photoelectrodes and 6 counterelectrodes (art. 001).

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Weight 2.5 kg